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April 2020

Grademiners Overview

  • Nice design
  • Customer support
Starting from 14$ per page
Summary - 2/5

Grademiners is a very well-known online platform offering services for students today. Here you can order your essay for college or university. The company has been on the market since 2009, which means it’s easy to think that it has a good reputation and a large number of students around the world. We tried to create the most detailed paper writing service review for you in order to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of this company. Can you really trust her or is it better to choose another alternative?

Grademiners Preview


Price is one of the most important criteria for most students. The lowest cost is $ 14. But the most expensive essay will cost $ 45. The cost varies depending on the volume and complexity of the essay, as well as taking into account the deadlines. Also, you can count on a 15% discount on your first order. Many sites offer such a discount today, so there is no unique offer here. The price of $ 45 for a regular essay is quite expensive, you can find companies with a more affordable price list.

Grademiners Pricing

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When you pay $ 45 dollars for an essay, you want it to turn out really high-quality. Unfortunately, in the case of Grademiners, this is almost impossible. We received our paper on time, but the author did not manage to provide a detailed description of the concept. Some of his ideas made no sense and the logic was simply lost. They may have other authors who write better, but we were out of luck. If you received such a text, you would have to spend a lot of time to rewrite it again.

Grademiners Quality


This is the only moment in which we have no complaints. When placing an order, you need to go to the payment section and select your payment system or choose a credit card. Grademiners are interested in your money and therefore have made the payment process as simple and convenient as possible.

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Each company that offers any services, declares some guarantees for customers.

  • Refund. As we understood, it exists only on paper. The company considers the application from two weeks to a month and this is long enough. Most students simply refuse this opportunity, as they do not have time to wait.
  • High level of quality. The creators of Grademiners claim that they work with professional authors, and therefore can guarantee customers quality. However, our experience shows that this is not true.
  • Free revisions. Another point that is unreliable. The company will offer you to hire a more expensive author to conduct a check and get rid of the mistakes in your essay. But the original version should not contain any mistakes or even typos!

How to Make an Order?

If you decide to order an essay on, you need to find the orange Order button. Next, you will see a large table that needs to be filled. Indicate the type of your work, academic subject, number of pages, deadlines, and other important points. You also have the opportunity to choose the category of your author. After that, you will see the final cost and you can proceed to payment.

Grademiners Order form

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Online Reputation

We have already mentioned that has been on the market for quite some time. But this did not provide them with a good online reputation. If you study reviews on various independent platforms, you will see that they are mostly negative. Some clients consider their texts to be substandard, many students consider this site to be fraudulent. Read all the reviews to form your own opinion and make the final decision.

Grademiners Feedback 1
Grademiners Feedback 2

Pros and Cons

Of course, each company has both advantages and disadvantages. Grademiners is no exception.

  • Customer support. Friendly managers work here who quickly respond to your messages. But not these managers write your essay, and therefore they can guarantee you only pleasant communication.
  • Nice design. Many websites look overworked and bulky. But the design of this website is really attractive.
  • Bad reviews. If you do not read the information about this company on the Internet, you can make the wrong impression. After reading, you most likely will not want to place an order here.
  • Invalid information. Clients write that the company lies about its biography, uses other people’s examples of texts and does not guarantee a refund.

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Our verdict about Grademiners

At first glance, we liked this website. He looks pretty attractive. But when you learn more information, you understand that these are yet another online scammers who do not deserve your attention. Of course, you can make an order here, but be aware of the risks if you don’t want to remain cheated. Thus, each site has its own positive aspects. Otherwise, this service would simply not be able to work and have customers who pay money. But you should be more careful when using and not set too high expectations.

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FAQ – Everything you want to know about Grademiners

Why do you provide writing services for students?

Grademiners is developed to help students from around the world. So say the creators of this company. In fact, the reason is obvious. They want to make money. There are a lot of students and their number does not change every year. Therefore, this is a really very popular service. When choosing a company, you need to be as responsible as possible and choose real professionals, not scammers who decide to just make money.

What if I order several pages, will I get the first page for free?

The company attracts new customers with its bright promises. For example, you can get the first page of your essay for free. But is that enough? You need a whole paper, not a single page. Therefore, of course, you will order an essay. And you lose. The cost of the services of this service is so high that most likely the price of this first page is already provided for in the price list. Therefore, you cannot say that you get the first page for free.

Is it possible to choose the author?

Each writer has his own unique ID. Therefore, if you have already worked with a writer, you can select him again. Just indicate its ID in your order. This also works for a free page. If you want your essay to be written by the same person who wrote the first page, you have the opportunity. This is really good because if you find a suitable writer, you should not risk it. Another may not be so professional and will provide you with a completely different experience.
Be ready for the fact that you will be offered the most expensive author for the first free page. But you will be satisfied with the quality and you will have to pay more in order to use the services of the same author. And if you want to save, you will get a text of poor quality and with low uniqueness.

When will I receive my student’s essay?

When you place an order, be sure to indicate the final deadline. But here you should be as responsible as possible: do not put the final date the day before you need to send an essay to the professor. Even the most punctual services can break their promise of deadlines, because writers get sick, move, face various force majeure. And also they can be irresponsible. Therefore, if you have a reserve of time, use it.

What if I don’t like the quality of my essay?

Grademiners claims that you can request a refund. In fact, this is a very popular hoax. It is so difficult to return money that it is easier to refuse this service altogether. There is only one recommendation here: control the process of writing an essay. Ask the author to send the text in parts so that you can track progress.

Can you guarantee my confidentiality?

If you cooperate with a professional service that has a good reputation, you can be sure of your privacy. But there are many reviews about Grademiners that talk about fraud. Therefore, be extremely careful. Do not send any personal information to the author. If possible, use a different email and a coined name. Also, take care of strong passwords. If you make a payment from your card, check that your bank can reject all unauthorized payments and protect you from fraud.

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