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April 2020

Edusson Overview: The Honest Opinion

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Edusson is one of today’s popular student websites. It is intended for academic assistance related to the writing of various scientific papers. Thus, if you need an essay or any other paper for your college or university, you can place your order and get the finished text in the near future. In any case, so the creators of the platform assure customers. We invite you to our paper writing services review to find out if this website really deserves your attention. Nevertheless, today there are a fairly large number of alternative options.

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Many websites today offer students a fixed cost of services. for example, you know that one page of an essay costs $ 7 and you can count on this amount. But not in the case of Edusson. Here you will not know the total amount until the very end. You must place an order and wait for the authors to bid. After that, you can choose the most attractive offer. Of course, you have the opportunity to choose the author yourself. It costs $ 10 dollars. We believe that this is unfair to students because you pay for the service and should have access to it for free.


According to the promises of, they work with more than 1000 qualified authors. In fact, you have no way to check whether this writer really has the necessary experience and qualifications. You can make an order with a real professional or a novice author. When we tried to order an article for the test, we received a pretty bad paper. This text contained several stylistic and grammatical mistakes and was also not 100% unique. Probably if we chose the author ourselves and paid for it, the result would be better. But we have no confidence.

Edussin writers

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All modern websites today offer several payment methods. This platform is no exception. If you have a credit card, you can easily make a payment. But you should be extremely careful to make sure that your card details are not transferred to third parties. Set up protection in your bank.


Wanting to attract more customers, Edusson provides some guarantees. They are designed to make you feel safe and able to trust this company. We suggest considering a few of these guarantees.

  • Money back. If you are not satisfied with your order, you can apply for a refund. The company gives you only 3 business days so you can submit your written request. You will also need to provide evidence: for example, your text and the presence of any significant errors in it. Everything looks really attractive. But in fact, the company is trying in every possible way to avoid refunds. They will offer you free revisions, writing other essays, etc. But they will not return the money.
  • No plagiarism. Edusson promises that your text will not contain plagiarism. But as we already described above, this is not true. Most likely there was some kind of glitch in their program, so our text contained several plagiarism sentences.
  • Meeting deadlines. If you order an essay, most likely you expect it to be ready on time. Students have clear deadlines and therefore are required to adhere to them. It’s not fair if you pay money, but get a bad mark due to deadlines. And in the case of, this is really possible.

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How to Make an Order?

First of all, you need to find the “Order Now” button. Next, the form that you need to fill out will open. Indicate the type of your assignment, the deadline, the number of pages and other details that may be relevant to your author.

Edusson Order

Online Reputation

If you read reviews on, you will think that this is the best platform possible. But discover other websites and you will see a completely different picture. For example, many customers write on SiteJabber and TrustPilot that they were initially satisfied with the service. But the final text was a complete disappointment for them.

Edusson Feedback 1
Edusson Feedback 2

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Pros and Cons

Of course, like every website, Edusson has its advantages and disadvantages. Here is a short list:

  • Low budgets. If you have some money, you can find an author who agrees to your bet.
  • Quick deadlines. You can find a writer who can do the job in just a few hours if he or she is free now.
  • Spoiled reputation. There is information that the site belongs to a company that distributes fraudulent reviews.
  • Poor quality paper. No one checks your text after the author in order to guarantee you high quality.
  • The difficulty of finding the author. If your order has small features, finding a writer can be difficult.

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Our verdict about Edusson

Working with can be very unpredictable. It all depends on how lucky you are. You can get just an awesome essay at a bargain price, or you can get a low-quality text with poor uniqueness. You can pay for the choice of the author and this increases your chances of a good text, but this way you will be left without money. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to order a paper from competitors, take advantage of this.

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FAQ – Answers To Your Questions About Edusson

Who will write a paper for me?

The creators of Edusson declare that they work only with professionals in the academic field. These are people who are familiar with the needs of students, as many of them work in colleges and universities. In fact, you do not have the opportunity to check the author and his level of education. There is no guarantee that this person will be a native speaker of English and a true professional.

What should I do if I don’t like the paper?

First of all, you can take care of the final result in advance. This means that after choosing an author, you should discuss the details of the assignment with him. Track the process of writing paper to keep your finger on the pulse and control the result. Then you will immediately see if the author is not a professional and offers you a bad text. If you received a low-quality paper with a high percentage of plagiarism, you can claim a refund. Of course, in the case of Edusson, the chances of a successful return are minimal. But you can try.

Will my paper be unique?

If you study at a college or university, you certainly know that any academic work should be completely free from plagiarism. Therefore, if you receive a non-unique text, you simply cannot send it to your professor. This is considered fraud and will ruin your academic reputation. You may even be expelled from the university in this case. Therefore, be sure to make sure that the author has attached a screenshot of the uniqueness check to your text. Also, you can write the paper yourself, using different sources from the Internet and send this text to a professional for uniqueness.

Should I worry about my confidentiality?

One of the good things about Edusson is privacy. All personal customer data is stored on secure servers. So far, there have been no precedents for the company to transfer student personal information to third parties. This is a serious crime. But if you want to keep your anonymity, you can use a different name and create a new email. Also, use proven payment systems.

When will I receive my paper?

You will receive your paper on time. Just in case, take a few days from your deadline to have some time just in case. Remember that you will get a bad mark if you deliver the paper out of time. You cannot tell the professor that your author has missed the deadline. Therefore, take this responsibility upon yourself.

Is it ethical to use these services?

Of course, it is ethical. Imagine that you have lessons with your tutor who helps you with written assignments. Of course, you shouldn’t use such services every time, but sometimes it is a real help. When you choose an appropriate company, for sure. If you hire Edusson, you should be ready for unexpected situations.

How can I choose the student service?

Customers’ reviews are the most essential point. Read them in order to understand if you should trust this service. You can also read some samples to consider the writing style, command of English, etc.

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