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April 2020 Overview

  • Bidding system
  • Minimum Deadline - 3 Hours
Starting from 18$ per page
Summary - 1/5 review

First and foremost, it seems strange that the name of the writing service is “edubirdie”, but not “EduBirdy”. It made me worry about the quality of the papers generated by the writers. In general, the website seems trustworthy and is easy-to-use. One of the distinctive features of edubirdie is that there is a bidding system of choosing the writer. We tested this service so let’s see what we have noticed to be mentioned.


The pricing policy is very unfair. They charge too much for their assistance, in my opinion. To be more precise, the starting price for the one-page paper is $18 which is such a rip-off. The prices depend on such factors as deadline, length, and type of paper. If we compare the pricing policy of edubirdie with other websites, we will find out that their prices are the highest on the market. Besides, they do not offer any of the bonuses or discounts for new and loyal customers.

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If we take into account the price, the quality of edubirdie service is one of the worst on the market. There are three levels of quality that are offered by this website:

  • Standard quality. (Verified writers offer their service).
  • Premium quality. (Writers that passed the quality assurance check and have higher than a Bachelor’s degree).
  • Platinum quality. (Writers with a 90% success rate with a Master’s and higher degree).

Consequently, the first group of writers seems to never pass a quality assurance check which is weird and unacceptable. Therefore, you may ask: “How do they select the writers?” Do they have to pass any tests? It seems like the hiring process in edubirdie is rigorous.


The process of payment is a piece of cake. (Of course, it is so in order to quickly grab your money.) You may hire the writer you like and the payment will depend on their category. They usually accept Visa/MasterCard or PayPal. The bad news about the payment is that you should pay before the essay is written. In case, you have a dispute with your writer about the quality of the paper, it will be very hard to get your money back, even if you are right.

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There are several things you might take into account utilizing edubirdie service:

  • 3 days for reviewing

You have only three days to check whether your paper was properly written. If you ignore is, the money will be withdrawn automatically.

  • They give some percent to writers

Edubirdie leaves the right to give some part of the money to the writer, even if the instructions were not followed. It is rather unfair for me.

  • Refund promises

You are promised to be given a full refund in case all the criteria of Terms and Conditions are followed. So it will be wise to read them, at least, before purchasing an essay.

  • The possibility to use your money later

In case you were not satisfied with the paper’s quality, the company promises to give you an opportunity to use the money when buying the next order. But what if I do not want to use their service anymore?

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How to Make an Order? Order

The ordering process is not a unique one. It is like in any other writing service company. You fill in the order’s form, mentioning all the instructions. The next step is to pay for the paper and receive the completed order. All in all, there is nothing special about buying papers from edubirdie.

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Online Reputation

It was difficult to find many positive reviews about this website. Even though the company claim to have only positive feedback, we found that it is not true. Many customers complain about the poor quality of the paper which also contains a dozen grammar mistakes. Feedback

Pros and Cons

Unfortunately, there are more cons than pros, if it comes to the advantages or disadvantages of edubirdie:

  • BIdding

You can choose the writer you like.

  • Average writers

The quality of the papers is very poor so you will have to ask for a revision multiple times. Is that what you expected?

  • Fake reviews

All the reviews, claiming that edubirdie is the best service ever and blah blah blah are totally fake.

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To my mind, I would not recommend using edubirdie service because the number of its drawbacks is intimidating.


What is edubirdie?

Edubirdie is a writing service where students may select a writer to write the paper for them. The service is not free of charge. edubirdie is a Ukrainian company, offering custom essays online.

Why select edubirdie?

The company claims to provide professional service. They promise to help you generate the most outstanding and mistakes-free papers that will be 100% genuine. Also, according to the company’s website, they guarantee to meet the deadlines adequately and promptly. They say they will keep the customer’s confidentiality. Meaning, no third party will get to know the student utilized their service. Besides, you have an opportunity to choose the writer to do your student’s routine work yourself. Moreover, you are promised to be able to message the writers directly if you wish.

Is edubirdie legit?

Edubirdie is a legal Ukrainian company that is providing its service to students of English-speaking countries. They promise to generate high-quality essays and do not tolerate plagiarism of any kind. However, it is not always this way, if it comes not to words, but practice. According to the reviews upon the quality of edubirdie’s essays, we found out that the ratings are rarely 5 stars. Students tend to complain about plagiarism cases over and over again. Some of the customers are unhappy with the grammar of the essays which makes it be rather frightening to use the service.

How does it help the students who need writing assistance?

First of all, the service offers the opportunity to fill in the registration form. It might take some time to do it though. The next step is to pay the order and select the writer. Edubirdie gives a chance to choose whatever and whoever writer you want through a bidding system. To select the right writer, you may check their reviews, feedback, and ratings. As soon as the writer is chosen, he or she works on your project. when the paper is ready, you may check it and download it.

Are the paper written in advance?

Edubirdie claims not to pre-write the papers. they say all their writers write the essays from scratch so all of them are fresh and unique. Besides, if you have specific demands or teacher’s instructions for your paper, you may mention them, filling in the order’s form. So the writer will follow them adequately. however, it is worth mentioning that edubirdie writers are only humans, not God. so they might make some mistakes. Hence, you may need to ask for a review from time to time which is sad.

Do you copy any material or answers from the web?

According to the website, the writers never use the materials from the internet. However, the question arises: “Where do they take their answers from?” Do they visit the libraries? Therefore, this claim of edubirdie is rather questionable and blurred. The company promises to generate a plagiarism-free essay without any mistakes. Besides, they guarantee you to have the possibility to find a writer for your specific field of study. Meaning, whatever your essay type is, the edubirdie’s writers are able to handle it.

Is it safe?

Even though the photos and reviews about the company are fake, the company is safe to use. It is not a scam. So you may utilize their assistance whenever you require some help with your essays.

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