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  • 24/7 customer support
  • nice website
Starting from 10$ per page
Summary - 1.3/5

Students are constantly faced with a heavy load while studying. A large volume of written instructions causes stress, provokes fatigue, and takes a lot of time and effort. That is why today there are services such as PaperHelp.
This is a company that offers essay writing for colleges and universities. The website contains a large amount of information that can be useful to students from around the world. Of course, the promises of this company are very interesting: they guarantee high-quality texts 100% free from plagiarism. We decided to write an honest essay review to see if PaperHelp deserves your attention. Preview


If you study this website, you will see that there is no simple and understandable price list. Instead, the company offers a calculator that helps you calculate the cost. For example, writing an essay for high school will cost from $ 20 per page if you want this paper to be ready in 3 days. We believe that this cost is quite high. Of course, you can reduce the cost if you put a deadline of 10 days. Then one page will cost only $ 10. But no high school teacher gives such a long time for writing an essay. Pricing


The quality of Paperhelp’s services is definitely not perfect. Most likely it depends on the author. There are people here who work really well and offer a quality draft. And there are some authors who require careful monitoring. Of course, you can pay extra for choosing a more experienced writer, but this is an additional waste of money. If you order several essays and have already worked with one of the authors, you will be able to use his or her services in the future.

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Fortunately, we did not have any problems with payment. And this is what is really very important, as payment fraud can ruin the entire reputation of the service. uses any payment system and credit card, so you can use the services of this website anywhere in the world.


  • Free revisions. If your text contains mistakes or you want to make any changes, you will be offered a free revision. On the one hand, this is a positive point. On the other hand, why can’t your author write good text right away? Revision, in any case, takes your time, and therefore uncomfortable.
  • Money refund. The company returns the money if you used the revisions and still remained dissatisfied with the result. It sounds good in theory, but in practice it’s different. You cannot return the money right away, you have to wait a long time until you receive the payment. If you get it at all, of course.
  • Uniqueness. Any academic work must be unique. But there is a risk that the author will simply forget about checking the text for uniqueness. Be sure to check the paper yourself so that your professor does not accuse you of plagiarism.
  • Different editing formats. If you need to edit your text for the MLA or APA format, let me know about this when placing your order. Paperhelp authors work with different formats and requirements of educational institutions.

If you are short on time and do not know how to look for good paper writers for hire, we are here to help with Domywriting review. This way, you should be able to get your assignments done without too much anxiety.

How to Make an Order?

n fact, the checkout process on Paperhelp is no different from that on alternative sites. You need to find the Order button. Next, indicate the type of paper, academic level, number of pages, deadline. If you know a topic or have other ideas, be sure to share them. The more details you provide, the higher the chances of a good essay. But in our case, this did not work. We provided as much detailed information as possible and got a really bad text.

Online Reputation assures customers of a large number of reviews. But this is not true. Of course, on the website of this company, customers write good things. How do you know that these are real customers, not the writers who were paid for this review? To find a real opinion you need to find independent sites on the Internet where you can’t buy a review. And there the situation is already completely different. Many students note the low quality of work ordered on this website, as well as the high prices. Some students write about deadlines and unfriendly customer support managers. Thus, we can conclude that the online reputation of this company is definitely not positive. Feedback Feedback1

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Pros and Cons

We will be dishonest if we say that Paperhelp has only flaws. Of course, there are also advantages here, because the company has been operating in the market for a long time and has its own clients. We offer a brief list of advantages and disadvantages.

  • Large selection of services. You can order an essay, a laboratory report, text editing, research, and any other student assignment.
  • Fast delivery. If you are willing to pay more, you can order an urgent task for you, for example, in 3 hours.
  • Price. Only very wealthy students can afford to use the services of this website.
  • Low quality. Of course, this company has good authors. But most writers are real amateurs, unable to provide you with quality text.

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Our verdict about Paperhelp

So, does Paperhelp deserve your attention? We definitely cannot recommend this service when it comes to value for money. These guys may not be scammers, but they definitely can’t provide awesome text at an affordable price. Today there are affordable alternatives. Use them if you value your time and money.


What types of papers do you write?

Paperhelp offers a wide range of student services for high school, college or university. On the one hand, this is very good, because you have a partner you can rely on in any situation. On the other hand, they must provide a really high quality. It would be right to limit the list of services if you can’t cope with some of them.

Is it possible to pay for the order after delivery?

This feature is not available and it is really very bad. Just imagine, until the last moment, you don’t know if your essay will be of high quality! You pay money and only after that, the author starts to work. But it would be much more logical if you received the finished text and only after that made the payment. Some websites offer a small prepayment. In this case, the client feels more secure. But here you have to pay 100%. Of course, they promise that they will return the money to you, but this is not true. In the end, you have to take risks and just hope for luck. Far away for every student has enough money for this.

When will you find the author for me?

As soon as you decide and fill out the order form, you will need to make a payment. After that, we will immediately begin the search for the author for you. You can see your personal writer on your page. We will also send you an email notification. The search process should take a minimum of time, so be sure to check this process. Also, you can chat with the author to make sure that you are on the same page.

Can I make changes to my order?

If you have not yet received your author, you can make changes to your order at any time. To do this, contact technical support. If you have already paid and the writer began to work on your text, making changes will be somewhat more difficult. In any case, you need to call, write an e-mail or write to the manager in a chat to discuss the possibility of changing the order.

Will my paper be unique?

The creators of this website promise a text 100% plagiarism-free. But we made an order and made sure that this was not true. Our text contained a little plagiarism. Most likely, the author was inattentive and forgot to check the paper after making some changes.

Is it possible to choose the author to write my paper?

All authors of Paperhelp are divided into several categories. You can choose a regular writer, advanced writer or top writer. Also, if you have already ordered a paper on this website, you can use the services of a previous writer. Pay attention to the fact that each author has his own price, and therefore if you make an order with an advanced author, you will need to pay more.

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