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March 2021

MyPerfectPaper Overview of Services and Papers Quality

  • Friendly support
  • Good discounts
Starting from 15$ per page
Support got 2.3/5 based on 37 customer reviews.

MyPerfectPaper they tend to promise a lot but not actually do what they are engaged for. We would not recommend using this academic writing service because of multiple factors. You are welcome to read this review in order to figure out whether this writing service is worth using for you, in particular.


The Pricing Policy of MyPerfectPaper is such a rip-off. First of all, it is impossible to use the online calculator to count the total price, which is very inconvenient. Secondly, there is a table with all the prices, but you still have to use your own calculator to count the price.


They say that they offer 50% discounts, but all such discounts are randomly given by the automatic system, so you are not guaranteed to get a discount. The prices, to sum up, are very high if compared to other essay writing services.


The quality of the papers is very poor. To be more precise, they claim that the paper is of Master’s degree level, but the huge number of typos and 30% uniqueness prove it is wrong. If you want to receive your paper according to your deadline, you would better opt for another academic writing service because these guys will trick you and deliver the essay too late, no matter how much you will pay them.


The payment process is similar to any other academic writing service. You should proceed with your payment before the essay is written. They say they accept various cards like Discover, American Express, Master Card, and VISA, which is not that bad. However, it is possible to say the MyPerfectPaper is a scam, so we do not really recommend it to you.

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To say that MyPerfectPaper promises a lot is not to say anything. They claim they will provide you with awesome quality papers which is not true. You will also get no refund if you dislike the quality of your essay. So watch out! However, MyPerfectPaper offers such guarantees:

  • Premium quality;
  • Unlimited revisions;
  • Online order tracking;
  • Friendly customer support.

How to Make an Order?

MyPerfectPaper features such a ridiculous order process. Firstly, you should specify your personal information, such as your email address and phone number. But what if a person wants to keep confidentiality? They promise not to share your personal information with anyone. However, if you read the feedback online, you will find out that many of its ex-users were bombarded with spam letters coming to their emails frequently. So it is up to you to decide whether to use MyPerfectPaper help.


Online Reputation

Most of the customers who have utilized the MyPerfectPaper service at least once complain about its terrible quality. The papers feature a number of mistakes that native English speakers are impossible to make. So the information that all the papers are generated by native English speakers is a lie. No way you should trust these guys if you are looking for the premium quality of papers.


Pros and Cons


  • Helping and friendly customer support;
  • 50% discounts.


  • No refund policy;
  • Unreliable online reviews;
  • Not the perfect quality of essays;
  • Missed deadlines.


MyPerfectPaper is one of the awful academic writing services available online. They not only charge a lot for their so to say “service,” but they almost never follow the instructions. Also, there are no loyalty programs for stable customers, which means no one actually is going to use this service one more time after a specific negative experience.

Therefore, they do not offer any bonuses to their loyal clients (of course, if they even exist since no one likes to get a poor quality essay and be ripped off). If you want to get a paper that would be 100% unique, you would better try out another academic writing service because this one is not legit.

Besides, your personal information will be sold to deliver you a spam message every day. Do you like such a perspective? We do not think so. However, it is up to you whether to use MyPerfectPaper help or not.

Answers to the Most Popular Questions

Why should I choose MyPerfectPaper?

Of course, you are not obliged to use this service. Indeed, they promise a lot of things, but if you check the comments about this service online, you will be shocked by the fact that there are too many negative ones, actually proving to you that you should not use this service. However, if you like adventures and risks, you might use this service.

Will I get an “A” for my task with MyPerfectPaper?

Trust us or not, but we forecast you that you will never receive an “A’ grade for your academic essay written by MyPerfectPaper writers. First of all, it is so because they are poorly composed by people whose English is not a native language. The vast majority of the essays by these guys feature a multitude of grammar mistakes. What is more, they are not unique. Every professor will agree that such a paper does not deserve an A grade.

Is my personal data kept in secret?

To tell the truth, they do promise you that it will remain confidential, but if it comes to reality, they tend to sell your personal information to anyone who pays the most. The vast majority of MyPerfectPaper customers complained about the fact their email and phone was bombarded with spam letters offering the same service. Is it a coincidence? We do not think so.

Are essays unique?

Your essay is guaranteed to be original if you use another writing service, but not this one. They promise many things, but they are never ready to fulfill their promises. The ex-customers complain that they received not only a poorly-written essay but also the one which is 70% plagiarized. It seemed like these writers used the first two sites that popped up in Google search.

Why are the prices so big?

Despite the fact they say the prices are reasonable and affordable, we might conclude that we are not deaf or blind. There are many other writing services that offer an even better academic paper quality for fewer prices. However, if you do not care about the money and refuse to take the negative feedback seriously into account, feel free to use this service.

Are revisions free?

Yes, they are, and you can ask for a revision for an unlimited number of times. However, the question arises: “Why should I ask for a revision if you guarantee a premium quality of the essays?” We guess the answer to this question is obvious. Meaning, the quality of the essays is really very poor because most customers ask for a few revisions. Indeed, they do not have to pay for them but waste a lot of their precious time on it.

What about formatting?

MyPerfectPaper promises to take all the formatting specifications seriously. They claim that they format every paper depending on the type of formatting you need. For instance, your essay might be formatted according to the APA, MLA, Chicago Turabian, or Harvard style. Note that some students mentioned in their feedback comment that the writers omitted to format or did it in the wrong way, though.

What are the rules of refund policy?

The main rule of the refund policy by MyPerfectPaper is that you will never receive a full refund. No matter how disappointed you might be, you can only count on one more revision that does not guarantee that your paper will be well-written. So think twice before you decide whether to use this suspicious writing service. There are many other academic writing help online with better results and refund policy.

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