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February 2021 Overview: Find Out the Truth

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Summary - 2.5/5

It is difficult to imagine a student who is a real fan of the educational process. Though some assignments may be truly exciting, we bet that your professors pile you a lot of homework that you find just useless. Besides, these tasks have strict deadlines, so that you need to be pretty organized to manage your schedule.

So, there is absolutely nothing surprising in the fact that many students use professional writing services. One day you surely find yourself in a situation when it is the only choice to save your grades. But what company should you choose?

Let’s take, for example. Is it a decent company? Can you really trust it? We want to provide you with an honest opinion so that you don’t waste your time and money. If you want to get a decent result without any regrets, choose trustworthy companies only.


Undoubtedly, the pricing policy is one of the first aspects you should pay attention to. Most students don’t have solid budgets, and they are surely interested in affordable services. Actually, the quality doesn’t matter too much when you can’t pay for it. Companies should look for some kind of balance.

Speaking about Mypaperwriter, their prices are definitely not low at all. Do you think there are many students that are ready to pay from $17.55 per page? Yes, we’re not mistaken, it is not the maximum price, it is the minimum one.


Beyond writing, you can also find editing and proofreading services at Of course, they are not affordable as well. At least, this company doesn’t ask you to pay the same sum for all services.

Of course, they don’t offer any discounts. Maybe regular customers can receive them directly, but we haven’t found any information for newbies on the website.

You can surely find a company with lower prices. However, this is not the only aspect you should pay attention to. Some students are ready to shell out big money when they know they will receive an incredible result. Can you expect it from

If you need more detailed instructions, then see our step by step guide on Best Essay Writing Service Reviews.


Ordering a paper, you definitely expect to receive some level of quality. You can deliver a poor paper yourself, and when you pay money, you need the A-grade.

So, what about Of course, they promise you amazing services. They say they hire only top talent writers, but it doesn’t look like they really believe in this. For example, they have only one sample for several types of writing on the website to review and understand their level. Of course, it is not enough. They don’t even have a blog with articles written by their authors! And if you read their customers’ testimonials, you can easily find out that they are not satisfied with the quality.

Besides, this company promises that all their writers are English language natives, but their customers say they find some word usage and writing errors that are common for ESL people.


Payment has several payment methods:

  • G Pay;
  • Microsoft Pay;
  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express.

Actually, nothing special. It is a typical set of methods for writing companies. Some websites offer more opportunities, e.g., PayPal, Bitcoin, etc.


When you order a paper from a new company, you should know that you’re protected enough. You give your money, share some personal information, and should just trust the provider of services. In turn, it should provide you with guarantees so that you don’t feel worried throughout the whole process.

Speaking about, we haven’t found any specific page with guarantees, but they have some promises in different parts of the website, for example:

  • Any subject, any field;
  • Plagiarism-free products;
  • Free revisions;
  • Extra protection and confidentiality.

To be honest, these guarantees are just typical. Never order a paper from a company that isn’t able to provide you with plagiarism-free content. You also should expect high quality, timely delivery, customer-friendly service. And you should know that if you’re not satisfied with the result, you can get your money back. has a money-back policy, but it is a bit weird since it doesn’t really protect you, and you risk losing your money even if it is not your fault. Read this document before you place an order.

If you need help selecting an essay writing service, then please refer to our essay writing service reviews.

How to Order?

This stage shouldn’t cause many difficulties because companies want you to submit the order and confirm the payment as soon as possible.

However, problems begin when you need to register before you place the order. So, you even don’t know whether you’re really ready, and you need to provide your personal data. They even ask your phone for some reason.

Once you have your account created, they ask you to provide some information on your assignment.


We have chosen the college essay delivered in 21 days. And the final price is $72.15. Wow! Is it really so expensive? It is hard to believe there are students who are ready to pay. The good news is that they ask you whether you have the promo code. It means it exists, but still, no idea where you should look for it.


Online Reputation

If you’re not sure whether you should trust the specific company, look for people who have already tried it. Fortunately, you don’t have to ask your friends if you don’t want them to know that you’re about to order the paper. You can just visit such platforms as TrustPilot, SiteJabber, etc. People share their reviews unadorned, and companies can’t edit or delete them.


So, what do customers tell about There are so many bad comments! Of course, you can find positive testimonials as well, and we are happy to know that there are people who were lucky enough. So, you want to try your luck? It would be a better choice to look for a company with a better online reputation.

Pros and Cons

Each company has advantages and disadvantages, and Mypaperwriter is not an exception.


  • Stylish website;
  • Easy order process;
  • Variety of payment methods.


  • Unprofessional authors;
  • Low standards of quality;
  • Annoying customer support;
  • High prices;
  • Plagiarism in papers;
  • Delays.


It is easy to understand that we don’t recommend Their promises may sound inspiring, but these bubbles burst pretty fast. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on such a level of service. No level, actually. Look through other reviews from our company, and you’ll definitely find your perfect match.

FAQ — All You Want to Know about

Will I get an “A” on my paper I order from this company?

To be honest, any writing service can’t guarantee you a specific grade since it depends on your professor only. There are students who are lucky enough, but there are also many young people who got a “C” on their assignments. That’s why you shouldn’t trust blindly. Even if you’re going to take risks, proofread the final draft to ensure it meets your instructions.

Where are Mypaperwriter authors located?

This company doesn’t provide you with any information about their authors, but since it works with customers from different time zones, their writers should be located all over the world as well. We have read testimonials where customers say their papers were not written by US or UK natives, so it is actually the puzzle where these authors from.

Do they guarantee me the quality?

They promise an outstanding level of quality, but they don’t provide you with some explanation on what they consider as quality. In the end, you receive a paper that is just average, and they don’t understand why you aren’t happy with it.

What papers can I order on this website?

According to their Services section, they work with research papers, management papers, action term papers, essays, personal statements, custom college papers, research proposals, etc. Take a look at a list of services, and you’ll easily find out that it is actually a list of keywords for search engines. They want to attract more people to their website, and that’s it.

What additional services do they have?

You can order writing, editing, and proofreading services from When you place your order, you can also choose the kind of expert (native speaker, fluent speaker, your favorite one). It doesn’t look like they have a free plagiarism checker, title page creator, or any other tools to make their customers happier.

Do they have customer support service?

They have a live chat, but we can’t say that it is really live. We sent a message just to check, and once the operator joined the chat, he left it in a couple of minutes without any answer. Then the next operator joined, and there was silence for a while. Finally, they answered our question and offered to place an order. It looked like a sales process, not like a support process.

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