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March 2020

Customwritings Overview: All You Need To Know

  • Online writing tools
  • Free revisions
Starting from 10$ per page
Summary - 1.6/5 review

There are a huge number of companies for students on the Internet these days. Their founders know that students have a great demand for writing services. So, they create websites like
At first glance, this is another company with a huge team of writers from different countries. In order to have their work legitimate, the founders declare that they offer students’ academic assistance. They also talk about more than 10 years of experience in the market. So, are all of these words about customwritings true? We decided to try this service and to make our own essay writing service review.


С Pricing

The pricing approach was not surprising to me. Many websites form the final cost based on the type of paper, volume, complexity, deadline date. The cost of services starts at $ 10 per page. The maximum price per page is about $ 72. At the same time, their minimum lead time is 4 hours. We believe that paying more than $ 70 for an essay that will be ready in only 4 hours is very unprofitable. Students do not earn much money, and therefore only a very limited number of people can use the services of customwritings.

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Quality is definitely not something can be proud of. We’ve ordered paper for the university and received a text that contained a fairly large number of errors. If we had provided it to the professor, the academic reputation would be spoiled. Obviously, our author was not a native speaker of English. Some mistakes were obvious to me as a student. But most likely there were more complex flaws, which students are not aware of. I do not need your free revisions, we wanted to get a good text on the first attempt.


This is what works really well. Of course, the main task of the Customwritings team is to earn as much money as possible. That is why they offer a wide selection of payment methods. If you have a credit card or PayPal, then you should have no difficulty in paying for these services. But we have no confidence that the payment is secure. Before you pay for your essay, make sure of this.

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Customwritings wants to build a good reputation and prove its legitimacy. Therefore, on the website, you will find some guarantees that we decided to check.

  • No plagiarism. Of course, this is a very important point for the student. Our text was really 100% free from plagiarism. But that did not make it quality.
  • Free revisions. This service makes sense if the customer has sent an insufficient amount of relevant order information. But not when the finished paper contains a large number of errors.
  • Refund. We are unhappy with our text, but none of Customwritings offered us a refund for the order.
  • Customer support. It is really affordable, but managers respond very slowly.

How to Make an Order?

The checkout process was another uncomfortable moment that we had to face. First, we had to find the “order now” button. is not very easy, as there are many different buttons. Then they offered me a big tambourine, where we had to fill in the details of our paper. The page was updated every few minutes, which made the process quite complicated. Also, it was not always clear to me what we should fill out in one or another field.


Online Reputation

We have read customwritings reviews online. Honestly, there are a lot of good reviews on the Internet. But most of them seem monotonous. One gets the impression that they were written by one person. Other reviews focused on simple and short essays. Perhaps these guys are just lucky. Be that as it may, on various independent portals, a huge number of negative reviews from students. And it looks suspicious.

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Pros and Cons

Speaking of the benefits, I can only highlight the pretty design of this website. Also, the text really did not contain plagiarism. Convenient payment methods are also an advantage for someone. But there are many more shortcomings.

  • Unprofessional writers. This is what spoils the whole impression.
  • High prices. Students rarely have full-time jobs and are able to pay for such services.
  • Terms of the order. Sometimes paper is really needed urgently, and the team of this website is not ready to work quickly.

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Our verdict about customwritings

I believe that if you have a lot of money and there is no other way out of the situation, you can use the services of They will send you a bad job, but you can fix it. But if you want to order really high-quality paper, use the services of another company.

FAQ – Everything You Want To Know About Customwritings

Where is this company located?

The main office of the company is located in London. But since all services are provided online, it does not matter which country you live in. If you need an essay or any other paper in English, you can submit your application. All authors are also international experts from different countries.

Can I see samples of work?

Customwritings does not store the work of customers, as each text must be unique and anonymous. Students do not want their friends or professors to know that they ordered a paper online. Therefore, you cannot read the paper created for another client. But you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the various texts of the authors, which help to understand the writing style, the level of English proficiency, research skills, etc. Therefore, do not neglect the opportunity to read these texts. So you will understand whether the level of this company meets your expectations.

Can I get my money back?

Most companies that provide services to customers are required to return funds in some cases. We are talking about situations where the quality of services is inadequate. For example, you cannot return the money if you change your mind about writing an essay or decide to change your topic. But if your paper turned out to be non-unique and contains a large number of errors, you have the right to demand a refund. But very often this possibility exists only in theory. Companies do not want to return the money and are looking for different pretexts to avoid this. Therefore, they offer a large number of free revisions, hoping to avoid a refund.

Is confidential?

When you decide to place an order on this website, you must provide some personal information. We are talking about the name, phone number, and email address. The company claims that this data will not be transferred to third parties, but you cannot be sure of this at 100%. Therefore, do not transmit personal information that may be compromised.

Can I count on a paper that is 100% free of plagiarism?

The customwritings manual claims that every author writes paper from scratch. Before sending the text to the customer, he or she uses the software to check for plagiarism. These are modern programs that find copies of fragments and paraphrased sentences from texts. This plagiarism check is completely safe, as it remains anonymous. Also, you should be prepared for the fact that the text may contain some non-unique information. It’s about quoting literary works, poems, critics, any other papers that matter to your text. In this case, the author must format your text so that the copied fragments are not considered plagiarism. This is why many students prefer to order paper. They do not know the rules of formatting and do not want to be charged with plagiarism.

Is it ethical to receive help with student assignments?

This question is one of the most popular among students. In fact, there is no single answer here. It all depends on how you perceive the situation. Treat her as if you were ordering the services of a plumber or tutor. You are not asking another person to go all the way for you. You are asking to share knowledge and experience in order to help you. It is ethical and even more so, it is commendable. Therefore, you can use the services for students in terms of ethics.

Can I receive my paper earlier? allows you to choose the maximum lead time for ordering. This is the final date you can count on. But if the author is free from assignments and can write your text earlier, he or she will do it. Therefore, if you order a text that should be ready in a week, maybe you will receive it in 6 days. Of course, you do not have such a guarantee, but the chances are high. But you better calculate your terms in advance so as not to miss the deadline at college or university.

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