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March 2021 Overview to Make the Right Choice

  • Navigable website
  • Good samples
  • Good support
Starting from 11$ per page
Support got 3.3/5 based on 48 customer reviews.

Is it easy to be a student? Of course, not! You have to face so many challenges that sometimes it is just impossible to find some free time for your own projects. Your professors want the best for you, and they assign you tasks that help you to develop essential skills. They just forget that you have other disciplines as well as hobbies, family, friends, a part-time job, and so on.

Sometimes the only decision you can take is to hire a professional writing service. Don’t be afraid: it is legal and ethical. If you choose a trustworthy company, of course. Since modern students feel a lot of pressure, such writing companies are very popular these days, and that’s why there are many scammers on this market.

It means that you shouldn’t place your order without thorough research. We are going to save you time and provide you with a detailed review on Let’s understand whether this company is trustworthy.


When you’re piled with a lot of homework, you dream about someone who will do your tasks for you. And of course, you want him or her to do it for free. Unfortunately, it is a bad idea. You can ask your friend to help you, but one can’t provide you with any guarantees. And when you hire a professional writer, you should understand that experts don’t work for a song.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should pay a lot. You’re a student; most likely, you have a limited budget. That’s why companies working in this business should make their prices affordable. What about They have this word in their title, does it mean you can be really happy with their prices?


If you’re a college student, you should pay from $11 per page. Well, it is not the most expensive offer we have seen, but you should understand that you’ll receive your document in 14 days. Do you have many professors who assign you tasks with a 14-day deadline? It is nonsense. We bet you need your paper more urgently, and it means you should pay more.


The only reason to pay a lot for writing services is their quality. We have read some samples published on, and to be honest, they are average. They are written in an academic language that is dry and boring. They don’t look like their authors really tried to create something new and innovative.

You can also find a blog on the website, but the latest article was published in November 2019. So, it is difficult to say that their quality is really something special.

You should read also about college paper writing service reviews.


When you want to make your order on any website, it is important to find out what payment methods it supports. The good news is that Affordablepapers works with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. These systems are famous enough and reliable. But what about G-pay? Microsoft Pay? PayPal? Some other websites even offer cryptocurrency methods.


What should you do if you receive the paper and you really don’t like it? For example, it contains a lot of typos, errors, and even plagiarism. You also can get the document with a solid delay, which means you miss the deadline.
Any company can’t guarantee you that you’ll get an A-grade since it depends on the specific professor and one’s requirements. But it must guarantee you the timely delivery and lack of plagiarism. Never place your order if you don’t know what you can expect and what kind of compensation you can receive if things go wrong.

Speaking about, they have a separate page with their guarantees that includes:

  • Money-back;
  • Zero-plagiarism;
  • Free revisions;
  • Privacy policy;
  • Fair cooperation.

To be honest, it is impossible to imagine the company that doesn’t provide its customers with these guarantees. Read policies attentively because there are situations when you need to meet some requirements to get your money back.

How to Make an Order?

Usually, it is not so difficult to place an order because companies like Affordablepapers want to attract more customers. If you are ready to take risks, find the New Order button and tap it.


You’ll be redirected to a page with a pretty big form where you need to provide your requirements. They ask you to indicate as many details as possible, including paper format, sources to be cited, writer preferences, etc. It is interesting that if you want your essay to be written by a native speaker, you should pay 30% more. It sounds really astonishing: what??? So you pay from $11 per page and receive the document by an ESL? Maybe you should really write it yourself or just find another service.

Once you provide them with all instructions, they ask you to create an account. It doesn’t look pretty safe since they need your email and phone for some reason. As soon as you’re ready, proceed to the checkout stage.

Online Reputation has some testimonials on the website, but we don’t think you should trust them. Companies can choose what they publish, so it is better to check some independent platforms.

We were really surprised to find out how many negative reviews are published there. More than 50% of reviews are negative.


Take a look at one of them:


Pros and Cons

All companies have some pros and cons, and is not an exception.


  • Friendly website;
  • Enough information about services;
  • Several channels of customer support.


  • A bit outdated website design;
  • Extremely high prices;
  • Lack of information about discounts;
  • Few payment methods;
  • Poor online reputation;


Wrapping up, we want to say that Affordablepapers is not the company you can rely on. Though they have “affordable” in their title, their services are really pretty expensive. And even if you are ready to pay a lot of money, we have not found any evidence that such a pricing policy is justified by the high level of quality.

The good news is that this is definitely not the only company on the market, so just don’t waste your time. You can read other reviews from our experts and find the best writing service for your needs.

FAQ — Everything that you should know about

Where is located?

It is a Limassol-incorporated company that works with students from all over the world. Their support offices are located in Eastern Europe. That’s the possible reason why they charge extra for native authors; most likely, their writers are from Eastern Europe as well.

Is it a possibility that my paper will contain plagiarism?

The Affordablepapers company promises that they write all papers from scratch to avoid plagiarism. However, we would recommend you to use some software to check your draft, just in case. We have read negative reviews from customers who claim their essays were not unique enough.

How will my paper be formatted?

All academic papers that are written by this company come in a typical academic format: 275 words per page, 1-inch margins, 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font, double-spaced. If you have some additional requirements, e.g., to format your paper in APA, MLA, or another academic style, you should provide these instructions when you submit the order.

How can I receive a refund?

You can find the information about your money-back guarantee in the appropriate policy. And here is where the problem starts. If your paper was delivered with an 11-14 or longer delay, they refund you only 7%. That’s why you shouldn’t be happy when you see the company has the guarantees: just read them attentively, and you’ll find out that there may not be fair conditions.

Can I choose a specific author?

If you’re a new customer, you can request the category of the author, e.g., the native speaker or one of their top-10 writers. Regular customers can work with the writers who previously completed orders for them. Pay attention to the fact that if you want the advanced author, you should pay more. It looks like their regular authors are just average.

How long does it take them to find an author for me? managers start looking for an appropriate author to match your expectations as soon as you place the order. Sometimes it may take a long time, even several days. We would recommend you to have some additional options if you need to receive the paper without delays.

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